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About Us

Who we are.

AXIOM is a company specialising in the field of supplying of technical products, software’s and solution’s for the academics, industries and research organisations. In particular, AXIOM carries out promotional, sales, and technical assistance activities and we cover a broad range of product’s. The consolidated experience allows us to deal competently and offer appropriate solution.

We have got a good network in the organisations and extensive working experience on the product portfolio.

What do we do.

We supply niche products, solutions and provide support on applications to a wide industrial base, we offer instruments’s, sensor to software’s, that are all detailed and aligned to regulation, by using the resources from our world-renowned manufacturing partners and by applying our technical skills we deliver the best in class products.  The products supplied by AXIOM are in accordance with manufactures compliant quality standards, and meet the main international standards as laid by down by the competent authorities.

Our team.

The team at AXIOM is highly motivated, capable individuals with diverse backgrounds. In addition, AXIOM utilizes the services of senior consultants, who provide inputs for specific requirements.


Knowing the process of our customer is our primary objective, which allows us to formulate product proposals capable of optimizing the required process.

Our proposal includes:

• Technical and application advice for choosing the most appropriate equipment

• Products of high quality standard that meet the operating requirements in compliance with the main regulations.

• Assistance for correct installation in the field.


  • Analytical Scientific Instruments.
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Automation.
  • Defense Aerospace Embedded Systems.
  • Test and Measurement Devices.
  • Sensors Systems.
  • Software Solutions.



# 26, B.C. No. 21. – Kennedy Road. – Fort – Belagavi – 590016.

Karnataka – India.

P.: +91-94819 47692.



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